EZLC 2.4.4 release notes

• Added support for custom phrase lists to increase EZLive's transcription accuracy. The following audio language regions are supported:
- German (Germany)
- English (Australia - Canada - India - United Kingdom - United States)
- Spanish (Spain - Mexico)
- French (Canada - France)
- Hindi (India)
- Italian (Italy)
- Japanese (Japan)
- Korean (Korea)
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified)
Up to 500 custom phrases can be loaded in via a plain text file (.txt) or entered manually. In either case each custom phrase must appear on its own line. EZLive Caption will store your most recently used phrase list for each supported language region.
• Font changes are now displayed in the NDI output when changing text formatting.
• Moved and restyled the input source refresh button.

Change log for EZLive Caption Batch Processor 1.0.2
• Added support for custom phrase lists.

Change log for EZLive Web
• Added support for custom phrase lists.

EZLC 2.4.3 release notes

• Added support for more languages.
-Input Audio: 79 languages. Input languages now consolidate regions into a dropdown menu.
-Output Text: 101 languages (Every input language has at least one corresponding output)
• Improved Wowza Media Sever Performance
• Updated the Monitor Captions window
-Now displays more than one translation (User can select which translation is displayed).
-Will now display partial results as well as complete results.
-Fixed translation display for languages that are written right to left. (Arabic, Hebrew, and others)
• Updated the NDI Output Display
-Added a configurable background color for chromakeying.
• Updated how captions are split into multiple separate captions when written to file.
-Added a configurable maximum length for captions to Settings > Captions Text Formatting

EZLC 2.4.1 release notes
• Updated the display of the viewer links when EZLiveView output is selected.
• There is now an separate chroma viewer link for each selected output language.
EZLive Viewer update:
• New Embedded Overlay to allow for universal live closed captioning with an embedded video player.

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